Versus® Conveyor Chain

A good palm oil chain need to be economical and yet address the severe conditions by having good tensile strenght, abrasion resistance, and durability in order to fulfill high efficiency in conveying palm fruits. It was from this perspective that our VERSUS palm oil chain was developed to meet these conveying needs in the palm oil extraction process.

The most common conveyor chains for the palm oil process line are the solid pin, extended pin and hollow pin chain with their different configuration. VERSUS manufactured the complete range to meet the demand of this industry and has the facility to customised to any varying need. As a professional palm oil chain manufacture, we are constantly in touch with the industry to provide the best conveying solution in any progress and changes in the palm oil extraction process.

Link Plate Plates are designed to give maximum strength and are made of special steel, appropriately heat treated, to give optimum wear resistance
Pin Pins are manufactured from alloy steel and heated treated for optimum strength and wear resistance. Pins are locked from rotating by interference fit to the outer link plates
Solid Bushing Bushing are machined to give a smooth even bearing surface for improved wear life. They are case hardened to an optimum depth to give the best wear resistant and toughness possible
Roller Rollers are accurately machined and case hardened to give long wear life